Referrals Bonus

5 credits for referring a new customer who made a donation of 20 credits or more on the first donation sent, received upon request.

New Customer Bonus

Bonus of 5 credits to the new customer if new customer donates 20 credits or more on the first donation sent, received upon request.

Birthday Bonus

20 credits given once a year on date of birth; must present drivers license or government-issued I.D. card to claim.

*DISCLAIMER: You must claim Referrals Bonuses / New Customer Bonuses one week from sign up date. As for the Dragon Wheel, you must send a donation and get it loaded between the hours 8am - 8pm CST to qualify. Birthday Bonuses must be claimed on the date of birth no later or earlier.

open 24 hours!


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  • Do not send any donations before you have established gaming
    accounts with us.
  • Any claims of unadded donations must be made with 7 days of initial
    donation date.
  • Must present valid photo I.D. to create new acct / redeem.
  • We are not responsible for game system / software malfunctions or errors.
  • Credits will not be added on any "pending" / "on hold" donations.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older to play.
  • Maximum Redeem: 500 credits per 24 hours.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service.
  • Minimum Donation of 5 credits for all systems, except skills which is a
    20 credit minimum.
  • We will not honor refund request, requesting a refund will invalidate
    your donation.
  • Minimum Redeemable: 20 credits.
  • Use of any foul language will get you banned.
  • Donations that are older than seven days will not be honored.
  • Sending under 5 will be a void donation.

    8am – 12pm CST

    Matching is only 8am – 12pm CST on the dragon system to receive a match you must:

    • Have less than 5 credits in your entries.
    • Must send exactly 20.


    Checking with a customer service representative for the current tag is the best way to avoid any delays or Cash App issues.

    When using the website to send a donation, please be sure to refresh the page with each visit for the most current cashtag!



    Welcome to Level 1 Gaming! We like to think of everyone here as family and hope to share that feeling with you throughout your experience playing with us.

    If you have any questions, just shoot us a text. We will provide whatever assistance needed and then some.

    Please be sure to add the correct username and a game system you’re playing to the notes when sending donations!
    Thanks & Good Luck!